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Ex Machina Marketing

Ex Machina Marketing is a partnership between three professional Digital Marketing Strategists who have developed an innovative system for rapid growth effective for businesses of all sizes. We specialize in the seamless integration of all aspects of Digital Marketing for our clients. The result is a highly automated and perfectly operating organism that is a blend of human creativity and evolving marketing technology.

At Ex Machina, we create customized strategy plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. These plans are called “Marketing Blueprints,” as they are engineered to provide the optimal marketing strategy based on our clients’ industry, target audience, budget and optimal allocation of marketing resources.

Our Marketing Blueprints Include:

• Target Audience Identification
• Target Audience Location
• Customer Avatar
• Branding Assessment
• Copywriting Evaluation
• Graphic Design Assessment
• Video / Photography Assessment
• Website Design Assessment
• SEO Assessment
• Social Media Assessment
• Email Marketing Assessment
• Automation Assessment
• Paid Advertising Assessment
• Organic Marketing Assessment
• Content Ideation
• Content Management Suggestions
• Pricing Recommendations

An Ex Machina Marketing Blueprint contains the collaborative suggestions for improvement from our team of expert marketing strategists. It details the necessary changes and additions to existing marketing elements, recommendations for platforms for seamless integration of the marketing system, and recommended parameters for marketing based on the client’s budget and goals.

This comprehensive blueprint lays the foundation for every aspect of Digital Marketing that your business needs to grow, scale, and increase profitability.

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