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The power of Ex Machina lies in the development of online growth marketing systems that create a perfect symbiosis between the technological landscape of ecommerce and vibrant creative content.

The team at Ex Machina provides custom marketing consultation from a combined 45 years of professional experience. We partner and grow with you, to create a constantly Evolving Digital Marketing Ecosystem for your business.


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Why do I need comprehensive Marketing Strategy Consultation?

Many people who are new to marketing find themselves lost in an array of different marketing options. There are many different email automation platforms, social media outlets, content management strategies, and paid advertising outlets. All of these are beneficial, but if they are not synchronized and integrated then they will not work properly. You will be constantly leaking money as you lose potential customers through the cracks.

A well-designed marketing strategy from Ex Machina will ensure a cohesive system where every element works and evolves with the digital marketing ecosystem that we create for you. We make sure that all of the “gears in the machine” are aligned and working seamlessly so that you get the very most out of your marketing investment.

We create systems that allow for the optimal return on investment, and the highest level of customer retention.

Target Audience Optimization

Comprehensive Website Audit

Branding Assessment

Competition & Market Research

Automation & Integration

Paid Advertising & Media Buying

Maximize CRO & ROI

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